Dutch country singer and songwriter Angie Flare reminds us that great things come in small packages, with her appearance, her voice and her origin. No matter your size, age or circumstance, everybody is capable of grandness, even in the smallest of ways.

With that in mind, Angie performs and writes powerful country pop songs that give you wings. Marry Myself is Angie’s latest single.

She wrote it when she was home alone a lot and had to learn to have fun with herself and not be scared of the loneliness. Waiting for someone else to make you happy always leads to disappointment, you got to do it yourself.

This also helped her get through the covid lockdown. ‘Marry Myself’ is an ode to self-love, a positive, empowering message, with a wink, in difficult times.

Marry Myself has been to Artist in our Limelight & has remained in the top 10, on Country Music Limelight, for several weeks now.

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