Feel-good title track of the album, My New Sunglasses is considered to be the heart of this 11-track long record and opens it with an unbridled freedom as those of bright summer days. The track is reminiscent of lighthearted radio tunes of yesteryears by the likes of Corrine Baline Rae and Nelly Furtado but with a funk an soul twist and contemporary production.

Freedust is a unique fusion of genres, ranging from funk-soul to trip-hop and electronica: blended pop and jazz layered with loose, lighthearted vocals, to create a synthesis of sound as classic as it is new; a call and response of decades past and present.

Led by dynamic Italian composer Daniele Carmosino and Swedish singer Lisa Widmark, Freedust creates feel-good melodies, irresistibly bouncy beats, and a raw, soulful musical energy.


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