HOD has released a new album titled Mic Check EP.

artist HOD

HOD explores different genre while maintaining an Afro-hiphop constant across six tracks on this project. From Afrobeats to Pop, AfroDance to Streeat Hop, HOD delivers an array of songwriting ingenuity. ‘Borrow Borrow’ featuring Timi Banks is an example of a well sourced melody.

The lyrical induced nature of the track, its narrative, tempo all work seamlessly together to create such a stellar performance – and this is maintained throughout the album.

The featured song, Borrow Borrow, from Mic Check EP has been added to the playlist Artist in our Limelight

Listen here: hod.fanlink.to/mic-check-ep

Socials: facebook.com/hodistinction instagram.com/hodistinction twitter.com/hodistinction

Enjoy the full EP and be sure to check back for more music by HOD

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