Illustrious is back with a new song called Save Me (feat. ARINA)

Illustrious tells us … ” This song is about the feeling of being alone. I guess sometimes we all get that feeling but never want to speak up. It emphasizes the fact when you’re at your lowest people tend to never want to reach out to you, probably most likely because you feel how you do. But it’s also about the betrayal side of friendships and feeling like you don’t have somebody to rely on to be a true friend.”

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LUVVY BLAZE is an Afrobeats, Dancehall and reggae songwriter, composer, recording and performing act. Born and brought up in Abuja, Nigeria.

We are NO:ID


We are NO:ID We landed on Earth on December 25, 2021. We are here not for you. We are here for your Souls. We do not play what people use to call music. We transmit the signal. Also, people like to Divide music in genres. We like to divide people in...

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