Jeremy Sanchez – One Time

J Sanchez

Jeremy Sanchez is a 25 years old rapper based out of Charlotte, NC.

He has been rapping as a hobby since high school. He loves love Hip Hop more than any genre because of its ability to communicate raw emotion, stories, and intense lyricism.

He’s not a big fan of “mumble/gangsta” rap you find on the radio because Jeremy thinks it misrepresents a big portion of what Rap is to a lot of people.

He would like to see more people care about the substance of the music rather than the substance people talk about in the songs. Most of his key influences are underground artists.

His latest project is the Queen City King EP. All features on the project are North Carolina locals. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, and a number of other music distribution websites.

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Jeremy Sanchez - One Time

featured song : One Time

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