LUVVY BLAZE is an Afrobeats, Dancehall and reggae songwriter, composer, recording and performing act. Born and brought up in Abuja, Nigeria.

Is this your 1st release?
Is the song a single, or part of an EP or album.
Do you have any other plans relating to this release? A video?
I have a motion picture on YouTube for this release
How has the pandemic affected your music? Have you been able to a make adjustments? Thwarted your music? Made you more creative?
Yes, the pandemic has definitely made me more creative because I had a lot of time all to myself being indoors so it’s best spent writing music and developing my skill set, my voice, lyrics and adding my to my catalogue of great songs.
On the other hand I’d say yes the pandemic thwarted my music because it made it difficult to get more money to invest in production and marketing of my music.
And Even up to date it’s very hard in my country because we are under recession and you can see the price of things going high and the cost of living is unbearable so it’s definitely affecting my craft but I can’t relent that’s why I’m reaching out to music promoters and curators like you to see if I get to stand a chance of making something out of my craft to Enable me keep creating and passing my message out.
Other than fame & fortune, is there something you hope to achieve through music?
Sure there is. Other than fame and fortune I look forward to passing my message out to the world and through music I get to express myself and deepest desires as I don’t get to connect with so many people being an introvert. So I connect with people easily through my music and this gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.
Is there more music in the works?
Yes sure a lot of it coming

IG: @luvvyblaze Twitter: @LuvvyB

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