MYNA is a 21 y.o. Southeast Michigan native whose 2018 EP release, 0marks the culmination of four years of writing, recording, and producing. Current single Lemon Tree is a high point of the album with 20k+ plays on Soundcloud.

MYNA creates relatable music that challenges audiences to question their identities and roles in modern society.


Her latest 2020 release I Don’t Wanna Be Here signals a change undergone by the RnB singer between her first project up until present day; a collection of 14 songs concerning the matters of Everything (including Luv, Tragedy, the Trials and Tribulations of Being in this Lifetime etc) … It’s her own personal gospel of what she knows to be true- she encourages the listener to question, polish and perfect their own truth… and own it!

Inspired by her personal relationships, Indian heritage, and experiences of synesthesia, MYNA’s artistic efforts have found grounding in the bubbling Detroit music scene. Influences of Jhené Aiko, Sade and SZA; through her lens create relatable confessional lyrics responding to modern hip-hop, pop, and RnB.

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The featured song, Give Me, has been added to pssssst … it’s explicit in here

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