Mystic Tiger


Mystic Tiger’s music reflects the insights and experiences that the four of us have shared over a three-year period of community healing, personal introspection, and spiritual growth.

This music has guided us, healed us, and connected through some of the most transformational years of our lives. Some of the big ideas that inspire our music include: the breakdown of dualities (self/other, large/small, human/nature, etc), finding liberation through awareness, gratitude and awe for this beautiful planet and this beautiful life, healing the past and future within the present moment, and finding strength and courage in community.

The song, Family, expresses our hope that humanity can expand our circle of compassion to this entire planet and all life upon it. We hope that our music can be a voice for all these ideas within the listener, and bring them out of dormancy through song- to be a bridge between deep intuition and external action, and a soundtrack to the building of a more beautiful world.

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Fisherman Sweaters - No Fun

Fisherman Sweaters – No Fun


Fisherman Sweaters

Genre: Indie RockRelease Date: 2020-08-21Explicitness: notExplicitCountry: USATrack Count: 1

featured song : No Fun

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