Smoky Eyed Girl is the new Instant Classic Country Rock song from Hit Songwriter and Composer Dominic Kelly.

Dominic wrote the hit song Marijuana for Cheech & Chong, the legendary stoner comedy duo, that recently went viral on TikTok, producing hundreds of thousands of hilarious videos set to the Marijuana song.

Smoky Eyed Girl by Dominic Kelly

Dominic’s other popular singles on Spotify are: “Jazzmina“, “Baby Blue” , “Prophet of the People“, and “Just a Charade”. Dominic is also well known for his “Gothtronica” music that was featured in 15 seasons of NCIS in Abby Sciuto’s forensic lab scenes.

Dominic has three albums of this crime-fighting goth-techno music on Spotify as well. Dominic’s diverse songwriting and instrumental production music has been featured on NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Dateline, The Young & the Restless, Wicked Tuna, Botched, Fast & Loud, and many other hit TV shows and films.

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