TRYHARD is a pop artist

The moniker TRYHARD is the bold musical project from 23-year-old Melbourne singer-songwriter James Comito who’s whole project revolves around the exploration of the confusing coming of age experience.

Soundtracking the youthful nights spent under the stars with a cinematic pop edge that feels like it belongs in a coming of age Netflix film, TRYHARD has been introducing himself to listeners through an empowering self-discovery lens.

TRYHARD is a pop artist

TRYHARD is ironically the polar opposite of his name. With his music embodying a natural authenticity, there is a genuine ease that echoes through his songwriting and vocal delivery.

Creating pop music that whole heartedly tells his story with a glittery pop filter brushed over the top, you do feel like you’re getting to know him, and the vulnerable secrets we like to share in the dark, more candidly with every release. “All my songs are written from personal experience.

TOO REAL was inspired by an almost relationship I was in. Writing it was really cathartic because it allowed me to reflect on all the things I endured to keep that person in my life. This was definitely one of the easiest songs I’ve written and probably took me no more than 15 minutes” he explains.

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