The consummate journeyman musician is also a laid-back bohemian life-styler, living off-the-grid on his permaculture farm in the picturesque heart of the Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand. It’s a busy combination, as Baker balances life between running the farm and all that entails, with using his considerable musical talents recording and producing artists in his production studio, ‘The Bakery’. A naturally gifted musician, Baker can lay claim to a catalogue of songs sure to warm the musical soul of any audience member. Now he’s made a return to performing live in support of it. He’s created a fantastic live show highlighting his uplifting vocals and amazing guitar skills, so keep a look out for his tour dates and make sure you check out this talented guitarist/singer-songwriter.

A song to breathe into. Luscious grooves, deep bass, smoother than smooth vocal harmonies and Brian’s evocative, understated, oh so tasteful and emotional guitar. It’s as if Jeff Beck and SRV melded over some smooth trap bass and beats. The lyrics paint mind pictures of simply sitting, taking time out of the day with someone close to your heart, sharing and experiencing the precious moment with them. Written with an ear tickling melody as only Brian can do. Well perhaps Neil Finn and Paul McCartney have a pretty good shot at it too. Definitely a song to let flow over you, time and time again.

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