Lifelong friendships, a longing to inspire a kind of oneness among all creatures, and some good old jamming are some of what makes up the Los Angeles trio, Magna Zero. Through groovy bass lines, epic guitar solos, and lyrics that convey the strange experience of living in today’s turbulent world, Magna Zero’s songs explore themes of unity, mortality, grief, purpose, selflessness, connection, and compassion.

Endure is a song of hope, in the spirit of music as a catalyst for positive change in the world. Lyrically, Endure is a story of love’s lasting triumph over pain, fear, and the challenge to approach daily life and all human relationships from our hearts, fully open and vulnerable. As the force that powers humanity’s engine, love ultimately prevails over hatred and division. Through the darkness shines the light. Love endures.

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Within Harms Reach is a 4 piece group from Saint John New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. Bad For Me is a mixture of 90s inspired pop Punk and modern alternative rock.

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