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Mr Milks new song

Mr. Milk

Mr. Milk’s re imagination of the epic Bruce Banner walking away theme from the TV show...

Brady Balla & SpiritBear

Brady Balla & SpiritBear

This song is an upbeat track with good confidence & energy to it. It resounds with Aries vibes...


Jackson Burch

Jackson Burch inspiration comes from the need to stamp his legacy in the fabric of future...

Rock Group

The Walrus Filter

The Walrus filter is a power pop/ Garage rock group from Chicago

Rock artist Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers' socially conscious rocker, I'm So Tired, has been gaining momentum on both the...


Volkerasmus is a German Reggae Dancehall artist. He performs in Jamaican Patois, German, Italian...



Led by dynamic Italian composer Daniele Carmosino and Swedish singer Lisa Widmark, Freedust creates...

Phil Mitchell Band

Phil Mitchell Band

My Love is True featuring Lizzy-V on lead vocals. "A Better World" is the fourth album of the Phil...


Alt-pop singer-songwriter ihatekaye set to release a new emotional single, "Incase". The 17-year...

rap artist NA$A


O.G, which officially released on November 20th, 2020, is the third track to drop from Auckland...

the band called Within Harms Reach

Within Harms Reach

Within Harms Reach is a 4 piece group from Saint John New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada...



Datboyches is a artist from Miami Florida. He's a melodic type of rapper. His genre is Hip Hop.

funk-rock band Pacemaker


Hi, We are PACEMAKER a new spicy mediterranean funk-rock band from Israel. We just released...

Poetic the Rapper

Poetic the Rapper

just a dude trying to get his music out there featured song: added to: Artist in the Limelight...

“The David Alex Barton Band

David Alex Barton

David has been an integral presence in the New England Music scene for many years – from his...

Where U Come From by Liz Lokre

Liz Lokre

LIZ LOKRE is a globally emerging artist based in Toronto. Since her first release in 2016, LIZ has...

singer songwriter


The singer from Madrid explores exotic influences using the most urban sounds in a fast-paced...

The Show


DJ from South Florida. I like to make EDM and House music. My music draws on various elements of...

The Kith


The Kith is an upcoming DJ duo consisting of two brothers born and raised in the Netherlands...

Ever After, Happily

W.E.B – Take It or Leave It

Baltimore born and Stone Mountain raised, W.E.B (We’ve Evolved Beyond) is reaching into every genre...


TrapTruck – Too Much

Too Much (feat. Slim Dirty) – Single TrapTruck Genre: Hip-Hop/RapRelease Date: 2020...

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